Who lives in NY?

New York is the best city for singles and the worst city for a family. It is a city of individuals, whose career and the pleasures of consumption come to the fore. Men consider marriage as a limitation of the possibility to have women, some services, or to travel.

Ask the New York men if they need a wife and children. They can convincingly prove that black is white and vice versa, and your idea of family is something abnormal and unusual here. You will have nothing to cover against this concrete logic. And if you want to challenge their opinion, you should be ready for the intellectual assault. The concentration of educated people here is the largest in the United States.

New York men are interested in:

  • the identity of the woman,
  • their social status.

On the one hand, there are a lot of men to choose, and on the other hand there are only few family oriented men among these ambitious and intellectual males.

So what should Russian bride in NY do in that case? The answer is to use men in the same way as they use women. No plans for the future and no real intimacy.

What about local women?

The situation when a woman has a close relationship with several men is quite common. Someone is needed for sex on Fridays, someone is free on Sunday. However, it does not exclude the possibility of a happy marriage. In the meantime, it is possible to be “friends with benefits” before you have met a real love.

If a couple lives together, then the rent is usually is paid by both of them. And the food, it is ordered at the home too. Things which seem outrageous avarice for us is a commonplace phenomenon in New York. You can never be sure that he will pay for dinner, even if he is an initiator of your date. Men do not feel uncomfortable when women pay for them, and the women do not take offense if men offer to divide the bill in half.

Gender equality

In everyday terms gender equality is also strictly observed. Cooking food at home is a rare occasion – it is cheaper and more enjoyable to offer dinner via a phone call. It is also faster than cooking the same dish with your own hands. For general cleaning, it is normal to invite cleaner as $70 is not a lot of money for two working people. Men in New York are very different from those Americans who are choosing Russian brides on the internet hoping that the quiet farm life with escaping to a local pub to watch the broadcast of football matches is just what they are looking for.