Not so long ago in Europe the trend for finding Russian women became very popular. Foreigners believe that they are submissive, undemanding, hardworking, understanding, patient, strong and beautiful. Is it true? Let’s try to understand.

This country had a lot of fighting in the last century, and, unfortunately, has lost a lot of men. Women were becoming widowed at early age in the First World War and during the revolution and civil war, and in the Second World War as well.

Most of the Russian women 40-50 years aged have grew up without grandparents, who died in the war, and both mothers and fathers of these women grew up without fathers. And something went wrong in the psychology of the post-war generation of boys.

And the women’s fear of loneliness has remained at the genetic level. They have been inclined that there are only 9 girls for 10 boys according to the statistics since a childhood. And despite the fact that there was no large scale war for 65 years, there were Afghanistan and Chechnya armed conflicts, which killed the suitors of many young girls at the time. And how many of our guys were fighting in hot spots?

And what are traits of Russian brides in reality? The new generation of girls got more in its turn. Almost all of them grew up with the heaviness on their shoulders. The main goal of their life was marriage. If you are not married, you have lived a life in vain. But the marriage itself, in the minds of many women, is not a celebration of life. It continuous operation, or rather, a service: maintaining the husband and children.

Here there is a lack of confidence, low self-estimation. Many women and girls still do not believe they deserve a respect and love. They are struggled clinging to the men. They don’t think about absence of love and dependence on their husbands. Although it is recognized that the 90 years of the last century and the beginning of the current age has brought some changes.

Fortunately, many women have realized that in today’s world they can survive only with relying on yourself, on their own mind, education, hard work and tenacity. Nevertheless, there are some women who are trying to find only a breadwinner. Much of the Russian girls began to dream to marry an oligarch and sit on her husband’s neck. So nowadays you can often face with situation when she requires expensive gifts or rather dreams about the life of a wife of oligarch. Their desires are cars, houses, servants. Some part of the girls still believes that happiness can found only with a foreigner.

How popular are brides from Russia? One reason is that, in all developed countries, according to statistics, there are only 8-9 girls on the ten men. In the US, for example, there are 8 million men more than women.